In this module, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the current and future proxy voting agenda items, including those related to biodiversity, and how your company can best prepare, engage and respond to them.

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of engaging with heavy greenhouse-gas emitters within your portfolio versus outright exclusion or divestment, considering both carbon and biodiversity impacts.

  • Distinguish which company assets are likely to be “stranded” during the transition to a low-carbon, biodiversity-friendly economy.

  • Uncover how investors are managing climate and biodiversity risks and what exactly constitutes a “net zero and nature-positive investment portfolio.”

  • Examine how many investors and insurers have mobilised finance to join the global struggle against climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • Learn how to navigate the growing landscape of investor-driven initiatives, such as the CDP, Climate Action 100+, biodiversity-related disclosure frameworks, and more.

  • Learn what role fintech and similar technologies play in achieving net zero emissions and promoting biodiversity conservation.

  • Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

Course content includes:

    1. What to Expect From This Module

    2. An Overview of Climate Change and Biodiversity’s Impact on the Insurance Industry

    3. Proxy Voting Trends: How to Best Prepare, Engage, and Respond

    4. How to Navigate Growing Investor-Driven Initiatives and Expectations

    5. Engaging with Heavy-emitters Versus Excluding them from your Portfolio

    6. Understanding What Net Zero and Nature Positive Mean for an Investor or Portfolio

    7. The New Financial Instruments, Valuations, plus Lending and Listing Criteria

    8. Leader Insights: Andrew Steer (President and CEO, the Bezos Earth Fund)

    9. Leader Insights: Matt Arnold (Global Head of Impact Finance and Markets, The Nature Conservancy)

    10. Leader Insights: Betrand Millot (Senior Vice President Risk Management, Fixed Income, and Head of Climate Risk and Issues, CDPQ)

    11. Leader Insights: Mark Konyn (Group Chief Investment Officer, AIA)

    1. Knowledge Check

    2. Course Completion Survey

    3. Congratulations on Completing the Module!

About this course

  • $395.00 USD
  • 4.8 hours of course content