In this module, you will:

  • Understand the business case for diversity, including how to manage complex issues and identify opportunities for innovation in team diversification or new tools

  • Identify the many forms of diversity — including culture, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, socioeconomic background and lived experiences — and the value they bring

  • Examine the relevant laws and regulations for DEI in a business, looking at board composition, oversight, accountability, board structure and the role of the board nomination committee

  • Define the expectations from investors, proxy advisors and society to encourage diversity in the workplace

  • Address the power of data, the barriers to progress and best practices for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace

  • Learn how to proactively address employee misconduct and workplace culture issues

  • Learn how to achieve diversity of thought

  • Understand the importance of mental health and wellness at work

  • Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

Course curriculum

    1. What to Expect From This Module

    2. Introduction & Overview

    3. Strategic Topics

    4. Leader Insight Video: Victor Pineda

    5. Leader Insight Video: Lara Shewchuk

    6. Leader Insight Video: Alphonso David

    7. Leader Insight Video: Esther Aguilera

    8. Leader Insight Video: Francesca Ecsery

    9. Additional Resources

    10. Key Takeaways

    1. Module Knowledge Check

    2. Course Completion Survey

    3. Congratulations on Completing the Module!

About this course

  • $395.00 USD
  • 5.2 hours of course content