What you’ll get from this Program

  • Enrich your understanding of the critical components of good ESG performance, and enhance important competencies essential to be an effective, insightful Board Director.

  • Learn how to better respond to new enterprise risk, business complexity, technological disruptions, and social and environmental obligations.

  • Get equipped to effectively participate in discussions around the fast-evolving international ESG landscape.

  • Learn to ask the right questions and approach sustainability discussions more effectively.

  • Leverage the experience of world leading experts at the forefront of international ESG best practices, and learn how these issues play out at a broader strategic level.

  • Get valuable tools and resources to help boards and corporate stakeholders fully understand and execute on their fiduciary obligation related to climate change.

  • Get up to speed on global trends and developments, and what’s likely to gain greater relevance going forward.

  • Have greater visibility into what other leading companies are doing and why.

  • Prepare yourself for future board positions and what’s needed to be a
    future-fit leader.

Program Streams

The content in both programs is identical, though on occasion speakers may change.

The program is divided into two cohorts: one for Board Members, and one for Senior Business Professionals.

Board Members - primarily discuss the topics through the lens of serving on the board. You must be serving on at least one board with fiduciary responsibility to enter this program.

Senior Business Professionals/Investors - discuss the topics through a wide range of executive perspectives and comprise senior-level executives, investors, board advisors and those who aspire to become board members.

Alumni from both groups earn their Global ESG Competent Boards Designation (GCB.D).

Can’t determine which group you should join? Competent Boards will help you make the most appropriate choice.

Join Our Alumni

Upon completion, alumni can continue to network with other alumni in our Competent Boards Alumni LinkedIn groups. Alumni can also choose to join our Alumni Membership Program.