In this module, you will:

  • Explore the use of the SDGs as a common language to communicate with stakeholders

  • Examine the link between the SDGs and ESG, as well as a company’s purpose and licence to operate and grow

  • Examine oversight, accountability and the role of the board committees

  • Assess how to use the SDGs framework as a strategic tool to understand the world’s biggest pain points and then determine risks and new opportunities

  • Understand how companies and investors are embracing the SDGs and using them for innovation and investment

  • Look at how global events and megatrends have prioritised and accelerated the implementation of SDGs by businesses and governments

  • Gain a Competent Boards Micro-Credential!

Course content includes:

    1. What to Expect From This Module

    2. Introduction & Overview

    3. Strategic Topics

    4. Leader Insight Video: Meredith Sumpter

    5. Leader Insight Video: Paul Polman

    6. Leader Insight Video: Claus Stig Pedersen

    7. Leader Insight Video: Ingvild A. Sørensen

    8. Leader Insight Video: Emily Waita Macharia

    9. Optional Resources

    10. Key Takeaways

    1. Module Knowledge Check

    2. Course Completion Survey

    3. Congratulations on Completing the Module!

About this course

  • $395.00 USD
  • 5.6 hours of courseock content